Roles and responsibilities of the Administrator include, but are not limited to:

  • Receive items that members wish to discuss at monthly NSGSA meeting
  • Create agenda with President(s) for monthly meetings
  • Record accurate minutes of NSGSA meetings and distribute them to members within one week of a meeting
  • Maintain a record of meeting minutes for the operating year as digital files and physical hard copies
  • Book the room for meetings to be held
  • Keep a record of attendance to ensure that members are attending at least the minimum number of meeting required (70%)
  • Notify members through email if they are not meeting the meeting attendance requirement and bring to issue to the President(s) if necessary
  • Post NSGSA meetings/events on the NSGSA calendar
  • Keep a digital and hardcopy record of all NSGSA events that occur throughout the year

Nominations for the Administrator position are currently open.
If you want to nominate yourself please fill the Nomination form.