Sievenpiper Lab

John Sievenpiper MD, PhD, FRCPC
Student Name Program Thesis Title
Rodney Au Yeung PhD Important Food Sources of Fructose-Containing Sugars and Non-Fasting Triglycerides: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Controlled Feeding Trials
Andrea Glenn PhD The role of the Portfolio dietary pattern in cardiometabolic disease prevention
Meaghan Kavanagh PhD Evaluating the validity and feasibility of the Portfolio Diet Application for cardiovascular disease prevention in primary care
Sabrina Ayoub-Charette PhD The effect of displacing sugar-sweetened beverages with non-nutritive sweetened beverages or water on glucose tolerance and the human gut microbiome: Strategies To OPpose SUGARS with Non-nutritive sweeteners Or Water (STOP SUGARS NOW) Trial
Danielle Lee MSc The effect of important food sources of fructose containing sugars on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Amna Ahmed MSc Regulation of honey and its constituent rare sugars on cardiometabolic health- epidemiological and compositional analysis