Sievenpiper Lab

John Sievenpiper MD, PhD, FRCPC
Student Name Program Thesis Title
Rodney Au Yeung PhD Important Food Sources of Fructose-Containing Sugars and Non-Fasting Triglycerides: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Controlled Feeding Trials
Meaghan Kavanagh PhD Evaluating the validity and feasibility of the Portfolio Diet Application for cardiovascular disease prevention in primary care
Sabrina Ayoub-Charette PhD The effect of displacing sugar-sweetened beverages with non-nutritive sweetened beverages or water on glucose tolerance and the human gut microbiome: Strategies To OPpose SUGARS with Non-nutritive sweeteners Or Water (STOP SUGARS NOW) Trial
Danielle Lee MSc The effect of important food sources of fructose containing sugars on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Amna Ahmed MSc Regulation of honey and its constituent rare sugars on cardiometabolic health- epidemiological and compositional analysis
Madeline Erlich MSc The role of soy in metabolic health