PhD Theses

Student Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Emanuela Pannia Anderson The effects of folate dose and form during pregnancy on central and peripheral energy balance systems in Wistar rat dams and female offspring.
Zeyu Yang Anderson Effect of Vitamins on development and management of obesity and metabolic syndrome in the HFD rat model
Dina Almaatani Bandsma Maternal temperament influence on children’s health and recovery: Failure to thrive population
Allison Daniel Bandsma The Kusamala Program for primary caregivers for children with severe acute malnutrition in Malawi
Guanlan Hu Bandsma The Role of Tryptophan-Nicotinamide (TRP-NAM) Pathway in Malnutrition Induced Liver Dysfunction
Farnaz Khoshnevisan Bandsma The role of dietary intake & macronutrient metabolism in impaired nutritional recovery of malnourished children after hospitalization
Catriona Ling Bandsma The role of the Tryptophan-Nicotinamide Pathway in Malnutrition Enteropathy
Isabel Potani Bandsma Malnutrition-induced gut dysfunction treated with milk-derived exosomes
Farnaz Khoshnevisan Bandsma Metabolome Associated with Mortality of Children with Complicated Severe Acute Malnutrition: a nested case-control study
Bijun Wen Bandsma The role, limitations and optimization of ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) in the treatment of severe acute Malnutrition (SAM)
Amy Syminton Bazinet
Mackenzie Smith Bazinet The Application of Carbon Isotope Ratio Analysis to Determine the Origin of Palmitic Acid in the Developing Mouse Brain
Bianca Carducci Bhutta Nutrition in Pakistan: A comparative analysis from 2011-2018 National Nutrition survey
Amira Khan Bhutta
Celine Cuinat Comelli Maternal & Offspring intestinal microRNA-microbiota relationships
Lorena Lopez Dominguez Comelli & Bandsma Association among growth trajectories, gut microbiome patterns, and diet in Brazilian pubertal children
Paraskevi Massara Comelli & Bandsma Growth, gut microbiota, and diet in pubertal children from the TARGet Kids! Cohort
Sylvia Szwiega Courtney Martin Validation of current methods for determining protein and amino acid requirements
Alyssa Paoletti Courtney Martin Sulphur AA needs and protein needs in healthy adults 60+
Tara Zeitoun El-Sohemy Determinants of micronutrient metabolism and premenstrual symptoms
Matineh Rastegar Panah El-Sohemy Association between nutrition, biomarkers and genetics on male fertility
Hiliary Monteith Hanley Determinants of infant and early childhood growth trajectories among Indigenous peoples living in Northern Ontario, Canada
Katie Pullella Kotsopolous Delineating the relationship between arsenic exposure and cancer risk in a Canadian population
Nadia Flexner L’Abbe How many diet-related NCD deaths could be averted or delayed if Canadians reduce their sodium intakes and their calorie consumption derived from free sugars? A macrosimulation modeling study
Christine Mulligan L’Abbe Modelling the health and economic impact of food policies aiming to improve the Canadian food environment
Samer Hamamji L’Abbe The Association of Healthy Food Choices Aligned with Canada’s Dietary Guidelines Recommendations on Cardiometabolic Risk Factors using the Canadian Health Measures Survey
Jennifer Lee L’Abbe The Impact of the Proposed Front-of-Pack Warning Label Policy on the Food System, Dietary Intakes, and Purchasing Behaviours of At-risk Canadians
Curtis D’Hollander Maguire Childhood eating patterns, growth and development
Isabela Socynska Maguire  Soy milk, grOwth and nutrition in Young children (SOY) trial pilot study
Michael Pitino O’Connor Optimizing the Pasteurization of Human Donor Milk Using High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing
Nicole Bando O’Connor Examining the relationship between early-life nutrition and neural processing speed capacities in infants born very low birth weight
Michelle Asbury O’Connor  Impact of the Mother’s Milk Microbiota on the Gastrointestinal Colonization of Hospitalized Infants Born <1250 grams
Sara Shama O’Connor
Alison Mildon Sellen & O’Connor Effectiveness and feasibility of providing postnatal breastfeeding support to vulnerable mothers as an extension to the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program
Afreen Khan Roth Effect of early neonatal administration of oral Lactobacillus plantarum on stool iron content, iron status and oxidative stress in infants in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Jennifer Onuora Roth
Rodney Au-Yeung Sievenpiper Important Food Sources of Fructose-Containing Sugars and Non-Fasting Triglycerides: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Controlled Feeding Trials
Sabrina Ayoub-Charette Sievenpiper The effect of displacing sugar-sweetened beverages with non-nutritive sweetened beverages or water on glucose tolerance and the human gut microbiome: Strategies To OPpose SUGARS with Non-nutritive sweeteners Or Water (STOP SUGARS NOW) Trial
Michelle Kavanagh Sievenpiper Evaluating the validity and feasibility of the Portfolio Diet Application for cardiovascular disease prevention in primary care
Dan Dan Li Vuksan Nitrate-rich dietary approach for blood pressure and cardiovascular risk reduction