O’Connor Lab

Deborah O’Connor PhD, RD
Student Name Program Thesis Title
Michelle Asbury PhD  Impact of the Mother’s Milk Microbiota on the Gastrointestinal Colonization of Hospitalized Infants Born <1250 grams
Michael Pitino PhD Optimizing the Pasteurization of Human Donor Milk Using High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing
Nicole Bando PhD Examining the relationship between early-life nutrition and neural processing speed capacities in infants born very low birth weight
Colleen Farrell MSc Factors affecting folate absorption and regulation of folate transporters in the colon of humans
Jong Yup Sa MSc How are antibiotic classes and timing of exposure associated with the gastrointestinal microbiota of human milk-fed infants born <1250 g?
Adrianna Greco MSc Assessing the Concentrations of Iodine, Choline, and Vitamin B12 in Human Milk of Canadian Mothers with Healthy, Term-Born Infants
Victoria Colaluca MSc
Deborah O’Connor PhD, RD & Daniel Sellen MA, PhD
Alison Mildon PhD Effectiveness and feasibility of providing postnatal breastfeeding support to vulnerable mothers as an extension to the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program
Samantha Ismail MSc Breast Milk SARS-CoV-2 IgA and IgG Antibodies: ELISA Validation and Antibody Neutralizing Capacity