MSc theses

Student Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Nicole Da Silva Anderson Comparison of dairy and plant baed substitutes on glucose and appetite regulation in healthy young adults 
Rebecca Simonian Anderson Investigating the role of folic acid on brain development using novel zebrafish (Danio rerio) model 
Mehakpreet Thind Bandsma Improving Neutrophil-Associated Immune Dysfunction with Nicotinamide supplementation in a Murine Model of Severe Malnutrition
Brinley Klievik Bazinet Measuring the Turnover of Docosahexaenoic Acid in the Brain, Liver, and Adipose Tissue using Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis
Nagam (Anna) Yehia Bazinet & Hanley The Role of Dairy Associated Branched-Chain Fatty Acids in Cardiometabolic Disorders underlying Type 2 Diabetes: A Longitudinal Analysis in the PROMISE Cohort
Negar Mir Beaudry Acute effects of glucocorticoids on lipolysis through non-genomic actions in adipose tissue
Sarah Rae Birken Two-Person Measurement Validation Study with Parents
Arin Deveci Birken Association between maternal preconception BMI and child zBMI scores
Dianna Yanchis Courtney-Martin Comparing body composition assessment methods and evaluating physical activity in children with intestinal failure: building a framework for more personalized and holistic care in pediatric intestinal failure 
Matineh Rastegar Panah El-Sohemy Association between nutrition, biomarkers and genetics on male fertility.
Marc Sicova El-Sohemy Caffeine, CYP1A2 and Anaerobic Performance in Athletes
Kira Lai Hanley Very-long chain saturated fatty acids: determinants and associations with risk phenotypes of metabolic syndrome 
Cassandra Carey  Jenkins Assessing the environmental sustainability of therapeutic diets from clinical trials.
Nathaniel Amaral Jenkins TMAO as a nutritional biomarker and its clinical relevance for cardiovascular disease 
Sarah Park Kotsopolous Oral microbiome and BRCA mutation
Yahan (Hailey) Yang L’Abbe Analysis of the Nutritional Quality of Foods in the Canadian Chained Restaurant Menu Items in 2020.
Curtis D’Hollander  Maguire Timing of introduction to solid food and childhood growth and nutrition in later childhood: A longitudinal cohort study
Courtney South  Maguire Is underweight in the first 2 years of life associated with growth and nutrition in later childhood?
Michaela Kucab  Maguire The association between childcare attendance in early childhood and adiposity in later childhood
Maria Gabriela Tinajero Malik Ethnic differences in cardiometabolic risk: a meta analysis in adults and a cross sectional study in children
Sarah Jarvis Malik The association between plant based diets and cardiometabolic risk in children
Michelle Nguyen Malik The effects of sugar-sweetened beverages, non-nutritive sweetened beverages, and fruit juice on weight gain in children and adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Colleen Farrell O’Connor Factors affecting folate absorption and regulation of folate transporters in the colon of humans
Adrianna Greco O’Connor Assessing the Concentrations of Iodine, Choline, and Vitamin B12 in Human Milk of Canadian Mothers with Healthy, Term-Born Infants
Jong Yup Sa O’Connor How are antibiotic classes and timing of exposure associated with the gastrointestinal microbiota of human milk-fed infants born <1250 g?
Samantha Ismail O’Connor & Sellen Breast Milk SARS-CoV-2 IgA and IgG Antibodies: ELISA Validation and Antibody Neutralizing Capacity 
Maria-Elena Lautatzis Roth The effect of important food sources of fructose containing sugars on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Maimuna Gias Roth Early life determinants of bone mass and bone density among a cohort of Bangladeshi children
Danielle Lee Sievenpiper The effect of important food sources of fructose containing sugars on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Amna Ahmed Sievenpiper Regulation of honey and its constituent rare sugars on cardiometabolic health- epidemiological and compositional analysis 
Ruojun Liu  Tarasuk The relationship between age and vulnerability to food insecurity in Canada