Bandsma Lab

Robert Bandsma MD, PhD
Student Name Program Thesis Title
Dina Almaatani PhD Maternal temperament influence on children’s health and recovery: Failure to thrive population
Allison Daniel PhD The Kusamala Program for primary caregivers for children with severe acute malnutrition in Malawi
Guanlan Hu PhD The Role of Tryptophan-Nicotinamide (TRP-NAM) Pathway in Malnutrition Induced Liver Dysfunction
Farnaz Khoshnevisan PhD The role of dietary intake & macronutrient metabolism in impaired nutritional recovery of malnourished children after hospitalization
Catriona Ling PhD The role of the Tryptophan-Nicotinamide Pathway in Malnutrition Enteropathy
Isabel Potani PhD Malnutrition-induced gut dysfunction treated with milk-derived exosomes
Bijun Wen PhD Metabolome Associated with Mortality of Children with Complicated Severe Acute Malnutrition: a nested case-control study
Mehakpreet Thind MSc Improving Neutrophil-Associated Immune Dysfunction with Nicotinamide supplementation in a Murine Model of Severe Malnutrition