Social Representative

There are two positions available for this role. Roles and responsibilities of the Social Representative include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensure arrangements are made for core events, including the planning, coordination, and post event deliberation, including
    • September: (1) orientation for all new graduate students; (2) Welcome Back Social for all new and currently enrolled graduate students
    • December: Annual DNS Holiday Party
    • Summer: Annual DNS Summer Picnic
  • Arrange other social events to be held throughout the year, as determined by the Executives and/or general graduate student body. These events may include:
    • October: Halloween event (e.g. pumpkin carving/potluck)
    • January/February: New academic year pub night, NSSA-joint games night
    • April/May: End of seminar event
  • Coordinate with and assist Hospital Representatives in social event idea generation and graduate student body engagement, as appropriate
  • Collaborate with other departments/associations (e.g. NSSA) to plan combined social events
  • Promote events through NSGSA newsletters, Facebook, email, website, announcements at weekly seminars, and via word of mouth

Nominations for the Social Representative position are currently open.
If you want to nominate yourself please fill the Nomination form.