NutriNews Winter 2018 Issue

Dear Readers,

We are proud to announce the new issue of NutriNews, the official magazine of the Department of Nutritional Sciences.

Our main theme for this issue is “Nutritional Headlines”, describing the challenges we have as researchers to ensure the work we do is presented in an accurate and informative manner while still capturing readership.

In this issue, we present opinion pieces written by our students, events and conferences throughout the year, publications and interviews with Dr. Daniel Sellen and Dr. Evan Fraser.

We tried something different things this year: we present our magazine in a website format to make it more accessible and facilitate distribution.

There is so much more inside we would like to share with you. Please click the link to read and enjoy our eighth issue of NutriNews:

And please let us know what you think!
Thank you.


Lorena and Steph