Co-Mentorship Representative

Sarah Jarvis

Hi everyone! I’m Sarah and I am one of your Mentorship Representatives this year along with Cino Ling. I am excited to foster a supportive and enjoyable student community within the department with the Mentorship Program. This program will connect incoming students with senior graduate students to support them in their transition into graduate school and with degree milestones along the way.

I am a second-year MSc Student working under the supervision of Dr. Vasanti Malik. My research focuses on the association of dietary patterns (primarily plant-based diets) and cardiometaoblic risk outcomes and nutritional adequacy. When I’m not working on my research, I love to get outside for a bike ride, run along the waterfront, or hang with friends in the park!

I look forward to meeting everyone at our social events and mentorship workshops throughout the year! If you have any suggestions/questions/ideas you want to chat about, please do not hesitate to reach out