Roles and responsibilities of the President include, but are not limited to:

  • Represent graduate students in all matters and affairs involving the DNS
  • Schedule committee meetings and prepare the agenda in coordination with the Secretary
  • Engage in discussions with the faculty and staff at Faculty meetings, voicing the concerns and interest of graduate students including feedback on proposed courses in the Department and ideas to improve the overall graduate experience
  • Motivate, encourage and bring forth new ideas to discuss with the Executives and aid in their execution
  • Be vocal and assertive to ensure the graduate students are fairly represented
  • Attend scheduled DNS Alumni Association (DNSAA) meetings
  • Work with Executives to advertise social, academic, and community outreach events
  • Host student meeting with the Edna Park Lecturer in November

Nominations for the President position are currently open. If you want to nominate yourself please fill the Nomination form.