Hospital Representative

There are two positions available for this role. Roles and responsibilities of the Hospital Representative include, but are not limited to:

  • Must be primarily based at a Department-affiliated hospital (i.e., >80% of time spent at hospital)
  • Coordinate with Graduate Program Administrator to maintain an up to date email list including all hospital-based graduate students
  • Keep hospital-based DNS students informed and engaged in both departmental and interdepartmental events
  • Raise issues or concerns that are brought up by hospital-based students
  • Available to answer (electronically or face-to-face) hospital-based student questions regarding events or issues
  • Host a least 1 social event per semester to encourage engagement of hospital-based students
  • Coordinate with and assist Social Representatives in social event idea generation and graduate student body engagement, as appropriate
  • Promote events through NSGSA newsletters, Facebook, email, website, announcements at weekly seminars, and via word of mouth

Nominations for the Hospital Representative position are currently open.
If you want to nominate yourself please fill the Nomination form.